Zoe 24th May 2021

It is so lovely to read all these kind words about such a wonderful man and I am sure the messages will help to bring some comfort to Jane and his family in the coming months. I knew him personally, as Jane’s husband, and from our first meeting I knew she had found a keeper! He walked into my house whilst I was in the middle of breast feeding and it could have been incredibly awkward, but it really wasn’t. He was such a friendly, likeable chap, who seemed at ease in any company and his adoration of Jane was always plain to see. He was an amazing husband and father, encouraging them to get involved in different activities to enrich their lives and always involved. I admired his sporting ability and incredible fitness. It has amazed me this year that he has continued to run and cycle in his final months at paces I can only dream of! He has inspired me to always challenge myself and I think of him during every run when I am struggling and need to just keep going! The way Andy lived his life is a lesson to us all. He made time for his family and friends and was always positive and cheerful and he should have no regrets. Our regret is that he has been taken far too soon. A lovely man who has had a massive impact on everyone who knew him and will leave lots of happy memories to look back on once the sadness has been overcome. Zoë