Mike 26th May 2021

I knew Andy before we appointed him as a postdoctoral fellow on a grant we had. He was unique at that time. He was wet lab scientist who had bioinformatic skills. He was a pioneer and he changed our approach. He was an insightful scientist and a superb colleague. When a grant application we made was not funded Breast Cancer still gave us money to keep Andy on. That is how much they thought of him. I’m not sure that has ever happened before or since. Andy went on to become an important member of Breast Cancer Now’s scientific evaluation team and he gave his time and input willingly and with the commitment he has always had that was to do better for those with cancer. I met with Andy a few times after his diagnosis. I was in awe of how he coped and how he accepted his diagnosis. He taught me much about how to approach someone in that situation. I never met Andy’s family but his love for them was at the forefront of his life. I could feel it in all he said about them. He was so proud of how they were coping. I am so sad for them to be losing someone who obviously adored them so much. Andy was an inspiration in so many ways. I miss him and I wish I had had more time with him. He was always giving, always thoughtful and always gentle. Mike Dixon