Open to everything!

Created by Dee 2 years ago

I’ve been so lucky to have known Andy for 4 years since I joined the IGMM, as Public Engagement Manager. Andy was a truly remarkable man - not only a gifted researcher but a great Public Engagement Ambassador.

I often asked Andy to share his career path story with school pupils. I loved the way he was so honest about finding opportunities and assessing them and figuring out how he could make something work. What really came across as he engaged with pupils was that everyone should aim to be open, curious, adventurous and brave. If something catches your eye and you think it will work for you - go for it!

Andy also shared the importance of caring for colleagues, being kind, supportive and inclusive - treating everyone as equals. Andy stressed that it was important to be open to feedback and constructive criticism - as this helps you to be the best you can be. An important life lesson for us all. 

Since his life-changing diagnosis, Andy was utterly remarkable in the ways that he found to live with Melanoma but also in his determination to make a positive difference.

Thank you Andy for your support, enthusiasm, generous kindness, unrelenting positivity and for the laughs we shared. I am deeply saddened that you've gone - a huge loss for our institute community. You really will be missed.